Metallic Mood

Raise your hand if you like shiny things. Go on, don’t be shy. You know you want to. I’m raising mine too. I love a good metallic statement piece. They go with everything! Whether its jewelry, a handbag or metallic shoe you really can’t go wrong.  (more…)

Tropical One Piece Wonder

I love a good fashion moment that happens by accident. Some of my best outfits come from a last minute decision I had to make in a crunch. I knew I was attending a Memorial Day weekend wedding month’s ago so naturally I put some thought into what I might wear, found the most AMAZING black–so typical of me–dress (on super duper sale!) and figured I’d dream up the details of my shoes and accessories later. That was back in February. Fast forward to two weeks ago. My life has been so hectic lately, which is a blessing because I get restless when there’s not enough going on. I knew I had to get the dress tailored but I procrastinated. When I finally took it, there was a situation with the tailor. That wouldn’t work. I finally gave up on that dress and started searching for a new dress: in my closet and at every store imaginable. Still nothing. Finally, the day is here and I’m pretty sure I’m going to this wedding in jeans, but I decide to take another look at my closet.

In comes this dress. It’s like a light was surrounding it, highlighting it in all its glory right there in the same spot it had been for months. I don’t know why I overlooked it so many times. I thought I was saving it for a different type of occasion, something more summery or tropical. I imagined wearing it to dinner while on a beach vacation but never did I think about wearing it to a wedding. The dress is also sort of out of my comfort zone since the prints I normally wear are more abstract.

This is why you can’t overthink every outfit. I mean, what better way to welcome the unofficial start to summer than adding a fun, tropical print to your look? As soon as I put it on I fell in love. I felt so good in it and I had such a wonderful time dancing in it all night!

In the end, all I needed was to take a deeper look at what was already there to have it all come together in a perfect way. Now I can’t wait to remix the dress when I go to Mexico in a few weeks. Stay tuned!

Dashing D
Outfit details:

Dress Zara/ Shoes old/ Ear Cuffs, Rings, Choker all H&M/ Clutch Dogeared (similar)